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Mrs Universe South Africa 1st Princess

Many live their fears, when they should be living their dreams!

I once lived a life plagued by fear, shame, and rejection, constantly comparing myself to others. However, through years of personal growth and inner healing, I discovered my true identity and purpose. As a wife, mother of four boys, and the Reigning Mrs Universe South Africa 1st Princess, I am now passionately dedicated to bringing hope and encouragement to all South Africans as a voice of inspiration.

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In a world where stereotypes like “men don’t cry” and “man up” perpetuate harmful norms, South Africa grapples with one of the world’s highest rates of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), a crisis that demands immediate action.



#RespectHER is more than just a movement – it’s a revolution. It’s a powerful call to action to rewrite the narrative. GBV casts a dark shadow, but we are determined to be the guiding light that empowers men to discover their true identity, live with purpose, and extend respect to all women. Guided by the wisdom of “prevention is better than cure,” we are unwavering in our commitment to challenge societal norms and address the root causes of violence through open dialogue, education, support, and healing.



As a mother of four boys, including superfetation twins, my personal experiences have shown me the challenges that boys and young men face in today’s society. This fuels my passion. Alongside my husband, we are pioneering this cause to inspire families and communities to unite and become part of the solution. Through “real talk” about authentic manhood, we can mentor boys to become “real men” who respect women. Together, we can cultivate a society where men and women coexist in harmony, mutually supporting and uplifting each other.



Join us in the #RespectHER Revolution. Together, we can make a meaningful difference, illuminating the path to a brighter, safer, and more fulfilling future for all. Your voice, your support, and your actions matter in the fight against GBV.

Chantell Davis, Mrs Universe South Africa

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Unleash your Full Potential


Are you tired of living in the shadows of fear and self-doubt? Do you yearn to break free from society’s labels and discover your true purpose? Chantell Davis is here to guide you on a transformational journey of discovery and empowerment. Take the first step towards living your dreams and schedule a Free 20Min One-on-One Coaching consultation with Chantell Davis today.


Embrace a life of purpose, passion, and fulfilment – the life you were destined to live!

Chantell Davis, Life Coach & Empowerment Speaker, Mrs Universe South Africa
Discover Your True Identity

Through her own profound journey of overcoming insecurity and shame, Chantell knows what it takes to break through the barriers that hold you back. As a wife, mother, and woman in ministry, she brings a wealth of understanding and compassion to your unique challenges.


Together with Chantell, you'll dive deep into your passions, talents, and dreams to uncover your true calling. She believes that every individual has a special role to play in this world, and her coaching will ignite the fire within you to overcome your fears and fulfil your purpose.


Chantell is committed to your success, and she will be your ally, confidante, and cheerleader throughout the coaching process. Together, you'll rewrite your story, redefine your purpose, and build a legacy that resonates with the world.


Chantell's coaching goes beyond surface-level changes. It's about holistic transformation – mind, heart, and soul. You'll experience inner healing, personal growth, and a newfound sense of confidence that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Chantell Davis, Mrs Universe South Africa

 Chantell is the typical girl next door who divinely stumbled upon her Prince Charming, Kevin. They tied the knot, had four boys in a row, and now she is totally outnumbered by the testosterone in her household. Chantell has a passion for restoration – everything from old furniture to seeing people’s broken hearts mended again.


Whether as a keynote conference speaker, guest on a panel discussion, an online interview, or webinar, Chantell Davis will engage and bring value to your audience. Her goal is to help people achieve a paradigm shift so that they are able to fulfill their ambitions, bring their dreams to fruition, and pave the way to the future they desire. Her topics are varied, impactful, and most importantly, relatable; as she draws from her own life experiences and the principles she applied to totally transform her life.


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From Setback To Success


    Royal Comeback



    Chantell Davis, in her authentic, fearless, and relatable memoir, invites readers into her world, recounting the traumatic and terrifying as well as the remarkable and supernatural events that shaped her life on her journey from childhood insecurity to eternal identity.



    Witty yet wise, reminiscing yet revelatory, Royal Comeback is a revolutionary tool that reintroduces God’s “ancient principles” that has the ability not only to transform the lives of individuals, but families, communities, and entire nations.





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